so this guy who’s really interested in me(who’s such a dbag) is convinced aleks is my boyfriend. not sure if I should say no, or just be happy the dbag isn’t onto me anymore ?¿ GOD I SOUND HORRIBLE


Am I the only one who found Aleks extremely adorable in Creatures go see Hercules?

if i’m following you i love you okay even though i don’t talk to you cause if i don’t it’s most likely because i’m just too awkward to say hi so i just love you and admire you from a distance

wow, the ps vita has so many games!


ImmortalHD editing practice

tsssssss ssssssss ssssss
― Aleksandr laughing (via haleywoos)
send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them


aleks is so………………………… mmmmhm


I like Aleksandr Marchant //#the3muscreatures

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